Anthony Milewski, Chairman- Nickel 28: Streaming and Royalties Investments and Understanding the Carbon Market Opportunity.

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Rob Tyson

In this episode, we chat with Anthony Milewski, Chairman of Nickel 28, an innovative battery metal focused investment vehicle. Nickel 28´s current main focus is on metal streaming and royalty agreements. They offer investors exposure to the metals that are integral to the key technologies that the electric vehicle and energy storage markets need.

Anthony is an entrepreneur with a background in Finance and Law. So, apart from talking about Nickel 28, he discusses and informs us about carbon credits and carbon footprints. In particular, how its introduction into the mining industry is changing the way things are done.


Get in early with metals and commodities. Understandably, demand for the metals that go into batteries is set to grow fast. With the streaming and royalty model, you have exposure to the commodity price but have no operating exposure. Diversifying across assets and jurisdictions has benefits. Royalty agreements secure investors a % of revenue. There are many different permutations to consider. Streaming is linked in some way to the physical commodity. Anthony explains in more detail, in the podcast. There are two markets for carbon (emissions markets). The regulated and the voluntary markets. The voluntary market is set to dwarf the regulated market. Anthony covers how the voluntary market in detail. ESG standards mean that most mining companies will be involved in the carbon market. Supply and demand dictate the price of carbon credits. The price of carbon keeps going up, which makes it a potentially good investment. Carbon will become an important feature of the balance sheet. Carbon footprint is set to become a significant part of any investor’s decision process. Anthony explains why the price of nickel is likely to rise.


‘Try to invest in the metals and commodities early on. ´

‘Carbon is going to become an important feature of the balance sheet.’


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