Nick Bridgen, Chief Executive at Ferro-Alloy Resources: Why Ferro-Alloy Resources is Perfectly Placed to Ride the Vanadium Wave.

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Rob Tyson

In this episode, we chat to Nick Bridgen, Chief Executive at Ferro-Alloy Resources, who is developing a giant vanadium deposit in southern Kazakhstan.

Nick is a chartered accountant by background and also studied a degree in Psychology, Statistics, and Physics. His career has been in executive management within the resources industry. So, he is well versed in developing Ferro Alloy Resources to its full potential. Helped by the fact that he has worked in Kazakhstan for an extended period of time. We talk about the exisitng operations and the huge project they are developing.


The firm is already profitable and well-funded but there is much, much more to come. 95% of their vanadium assets have not been touched yet. They have already secured all of the funding they need to develop the vanadium extraction side of their business. Ferro-Alloy Resources can extract their vanadium without a concentrator roaster. This means much lower capital and operation costs, which makes them highly competitive. The site already has power, roads, and a nearby workforce. They estimate that by spending about $100 million on phase 1 they will eventually turn over $2 billion across both phases. Vanadium is used to strengthen steel and demand is growing. Where weight is not important, vanadium flow batteries are an attractive proposition. Kazakhstan is now a well-run country, that has actively worked to make mining easier. The by-products the firm is planning to produce, and sell are expected to more than pay for the vanadium production costs. The firm´s small pilot plant has enabled them to develop the expertise they will need to extract the huge reserves of vanadium that they have. Their small pilot plant enabled them to discover that concentrate processing is also highly profitable. They are also currently upgrading and expanding their concentrates processing business. The feasibility study is due to be released in the first half of next year.


‘That could increase the demand for vanadium by 50 or even 100%. ´

‘We will be able to take advantage of the growth in demand of the world and supply it at a cost that doesn’t kill that demand.’

‘We are now fully funded.’


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