Shaun Bunn, Managing Director-Empire Metals: Exploiting the Great Potential That WA Now Offers.

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Rob Tyson

In this episode, we chat to Shaun Bunn, Managing Director of Empire Metals who is an AIM-listed exploration and resource development company with a multi-commodity project portfolio comprising gold and copper interests in Australia, Georgia, and Austria.

With a metallurgy background, Shaun has over 35 years of industry experience in technical and executive management positions working across many jurisdictions including Australia, Africa, and Europe and has recently taken up the hot seat with Empire Metals and will give us an overview of the company and its prospects.


Empire Metals have just acquired the Central Menzies gold prospect. Over a million ounces have already been pulled from that area. Empire Metals has a particularly strong and experienced board. The explosion of mining in the WA area is beneficial has created additional issues. There are shortages of drilling rigs and skilled labour in Australia. Both challenges take time and planning to overcome. CoVid is still making the labour shortage harder to solve. The shortage of construction workers is a huge issue for those building new facilities. Empire Metals are planning to build up a portfolio of projects to extend their base and protect themselves from market changes. They are particularly looking at those projects that will generate cash flow. The project flow rate within the WA market is gathering momentum. New science and technologies are uncovering new deposits in old mining areas and making exploiting them viable. The plan is to exploit their current tenant base, which has huge potential, rather than overstretch themselves. That includes the Eclipse project.


‘we’ve got a strong, well-balanced board. ´

‘the shortage of construction workers is going to impact the mining industry.’

‘there are large areas of Western Australia, particularly in the Eastern goldfields, that are under-explored.’



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