Kyle Floyd, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Vox Royalty: Opportunities for Generalist Investors Looking for Diversity.

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Rob Tyson

In this episode, we chat to Kyle Floyd, founder, chairman, and CEO of Vox Royalty who is a high-growth precious metals royalty and streaming company with a portfolio of over 50 royalties and streams spanning nine jurisdictions and are one of the fastest-growing companies in the royalty sector.

Kyle is an investment banker with a background in the mining sector. We hear about his journey in growing this royalty company. Including why it’s different than the other royalty companies out there in this space.


Kyle created Vox as an outlet for generalist investors who wanted to invest in the commodity sector. Vox focuses on what they call third-party royalties. For the last 15 years, royalty companies have outperformed essentially every commodity-based benchmark you can compare them to. Royalty companies take cash from an operations revenue. Royalty companies do not participate when the operation needs cash replenishment. Vox has invested in establishing deal sourcing agents across the world. Enabling them to speak to asset owners first. They mix and diversify their assets as a way of reducing risk.


‘The issue was that the risk-adjusted returns in the small-cap mining sector really didn’t stack up for what investors expected to realise. ´

‘Royalty companies have outperformed essentially every commodity-based benchmark that you can compare them to.’

‘I think we´re in a period that´s going to be very, very bullish for commodities.’


Vox Royalty:

Kyle Floyd:



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