Keith Coughlan, Managing Director – European Metals: The Future of the European Lithium Market with Keith Coughlan.

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In this episode, we chat to Keith Coughlan, Managing Director at European Metals who is an Australian and UK listed mineral exploration and development company advancing a Lithium/Tin Project in the Czech Republic. Keith’s background is in stockbroking and funds management and has been involved in the funding, promoting, and acquisitions of resource companies listed on various stock exchanges like the ASX, AIM, and TSX during his career.

We talk about the European Lithium market and the Cinovec lithium project that European Metals are developing in the Czech Republic


Cinovec has the largest lithium resource in the EU. Europe wants electric vehicles and is actively building a battery industry to facilitate this. No country wants to rely on a long-distance lithium supply chain controlled by other countries, e.g., China. The environmental impact assessment is a critical path item in terms of developing the project. The Cinovec facility has excellent environmental and ESG credentials. Using a historic mine, processing underground, slurry pipe transportation greatly reduces disruption and the environmental impact. Local people are familiar with mining and are largely happy to see the mine re-open. There is no way that the supply of lithium can keep up with demand. At least not initially, so prices are highly likely to rise.


‘Cinovec is about the fourth largest hard rock lithium resource in the world. ´

‘Measuring our ESG is an ongoing process.’

‘The demand for lithium in Europe is going to grow very very quickly.’

‘Lithium needs to occur in the right concentration for it to be economically viable.’


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